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Anthony & Joseph – The Engagement Session

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There are times when I meet my couples and they juyst inspire me.  When I first received Anthony’s email with his interest in my work, I immediately knew we spoke the same language.  I am shooting their day this upcoming April!!!  I am so glad that California passed the same sex marriage law because everyone deserves to show their love to whoever they choose!  🙂

The sky turned into fire!!! We were so lucky to have been able to capture such a beautiful sunset.  The colors were not at all altered here.  These are the true colors of the sky 2 weeks ago!  AMAZING!!

Thank you Anthony and Joseph for giving me the privilege of shooting your day!  Here is their engagement session.


Location:  San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary- Irvine, CA

AnthonyJoeE1 AnthonyJoeE2 AnthonyJoeE3 AnthonyJoeE4 AnthonyJoeE5 AnthonyJoeE6

Candace & Eddie – The Wedding

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I absolutely adore this couple. When I shot their engagement session, I knew that these two were incredibly in love and I loved hearing their beautiful story. After meeting Candace, and seeing her creative ideas for her engagement session, I knew that her wedding would be equally as jaw dropping and I was right!  It was filled with so much detail and it was simply majestic.  I want to thank this couple for allowing me to capture their beautiful day!!!!!

They hired one of the best wedding planners/designers I have ever worked with, Joy of Fascinare. Check this amazing wedding of these two wonderful people:CandaceEddie2810_1 CandaceEddie2749_1 CandaceEddie2742_1 CandaceEddie2842_1 CandaceEddie2903_1 CandaceEddie1624_1 CandaceEddie1648_1 CandaceEddie1855_1 CandaceEddie1991_1 CandaceEddie2337_1 CandaceEddie2450_1 CandaceEddie2554_1 CandaceEddie2929_1 CandaceEddie2866_1 CandaceEddie2776_1 CandaceEddie2759_1CandaceEddie3223_1 CandaceEddie3199_1 CandaceEddie3132_1 CandaceEddie3085_1 CandaceEddie3463_1 2_CandaceEddie950_1 2_CandaceEddie943_1 2_CandaceEddie1005_1 2_CandaceEddie988_1 CandaceEddie1151_1 CandaceEddie1331_1 CandaceEddie1624_1 CandaceEddie2249_1 CandaceEddie2207_1 2_CandaceEddie1030_1 2_CandaceEddie459_1 CandaceEddie3943_1 CandaceEddie3933_1 CandaceEddie4172_1 CandaceEddie4125_1 CandaceEddie4092_1 CandaceEddie4005_1 CandaceEddie3998_1 CandaceEddie3963_1 CandaceEddie3957_1 CandaceEddie4450_1 CandaceEddie4599_1 CandaceEddie4605_1 CandaceEddie4727_1 CandaceEddie5003_1 CandaceEddie5081_1 CandaceEddie3919_1 CandaceEddie3907_1

Tucker Padgette-Baird – Actor

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Introducing actor, Tucker Padgette-Baird.  I had the pleasure of shooting him today!  Check out some of his shots.



Tucker2 Tucker1 Tucker5 Tucker4I