I’ve worked with Drea on a number of projects now and she is fast, fun and above all TALENTED! Our first project was series of headshots. She knew the perfect location out in the hills of Los Angeles. She brought some portable lighting equipment, which she used to great effect. The photos turned out stunning!

The second project was for a movie poster for a film I produced. This was a little more complicated, involving around 8 cast members in a variety of different poses and setups. Seeing Drea work in the studio is absolute magic. Drea remained fun and professional through all of it. She even managed to interpret some of the more specific and difficult ideas that were floating around in my head. It’s remarkable the effects she was able to achieve using the studio lights. I think that’s her specialty: working with light to bring out her subjects.

Work with Drea. You can’t go wrong! – Director/Musician Thomas Hatfield 

We had the honor of having Drea shoot our Wedding Day. Planning a wedding is exciting and fun but can get stressful at times. Having someone like Drea made our planning and Our Wedding Day run soooo much smoother then what we expected. Drea is very professional and passionate about her work and is super flexible. 
On our wedding day Drea did an amazing job!!! They were prepared and most importantly they were so patient with us and our crazy friends and family. Everybody at our Wedding LOVED THEM! 
We received our Wedding Video today and OMG, it brought tears to our eyes!!! 
We felt as if we were living that day all over again. Drea’s work is Absolutely AMAZING! For us, our wedding day flew by! It felt so good to actually sit down and watch every moment of it through Drea’s work. 
Thank you so much for capturing Our Day!!! 
We absolutely Love You guys!
-Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! She met with all my friends and family and interviewed them before and during the wedding. Her crew arrived and immediately engaged in the service seamlessly. I can not say enough good things about her and her crew. Her and her crew showed up the day of the wedding and by the end of the service we thought they were part of the family. Then we got the photos… More than i could ever ask for. I would say more about how great the quality of service is but it would not do it justice. I don’t know the words to express how grateful i am to her and her company. Thanks Drea!!!! 
-Kristen & Rick
Our contract was originally set at 200 edited photos but we got double what it said.  I have 6 cd’s of unedited photos I was expecting at least 2.  They were inquisitive in what we wanted in our photos, but since my husband I weren’t very particular they took a range.  It’s wonderful that there’s a mix of photos of the bridal party & guests. I’d definitely recommend them.
– Glenda & Peter
These guys did an awesome job at our engagement & wedding! They’re super cool and fun and professional. We get married at Inn of the Seventh Ray and was worried that since it’s an outdoor wedding our pictures/videos would end up dark, but they look fantastic. Thank you so much for the beautiful memories!
-Melanie & Jonathan
They were the absolute best and went well above and beyond what I dreamed of when it comes to my ideal wedding photos. Both of them were friendly, approachable, receptive and a joy to work with and spend my big day with. Drea was especially sweet and helped eased my jitters just before I walked down the aisle. The pictures are nothing short of amazing. I would recommmend this photography team for anything! Thank you both for the memories – I will cherish them for a lifetime!
-Leaj & Matt
Drea is the sweetest gal you will ever meet!!! Even before we met, me and Drea were emailing eachother and i was smitten from the get-go.. then after meeting them, i was in love! they listened to everything we said, all of our ideas, we talked, laughed… it was awesome! On wedding day, they were there, on time, and ready to start! they made all of us feel soo comfortable, it was like having an extra set of friends with us! We were AMAZED at all the footage, they captured so many different sides of our wedding and soo many things we didnt even see that day!.. they were not intrusive in anyway.. and needless to say we were sad when it was time for them to go… then when it was time to see the trailer they made for us… we showed it to our close family and within 4 minutes there was a room full of tears… i loved it!! they put our video together in such a magical way, there is no way anyone can be disappointed in their work. the scenes, the music, the interviews, it was all done so professionally and our family was amazed after seeing the whole video, they kept saying it was like they were watching a movie, their eyes stayed glued to the tv and teary eyes all the way thru the end! We really wanted to feel all the emotions and Sireno delivered on doing that! There were emotional parts and it was awesome to see the party section too! Seeing our guests having a blast! busting moves! That was awesome! One of our favorite things from our video is the interviews, they are soo heartfelt and the way they incorporate parts of the interviews into the video really makes it amazing! the whole video flowed beautifully and there were many parts we got to see on the video that we didnt see on that day from being on cloud 9! But Jimmy & Drea captured all of it! It was soo beautiful and meaningful for us to have a video that captured the emotion of our wedding and they did exactly that and more!! Contact them ASAP and book right away! you will NOT be disappointed! WE LOVE YOU!!! p.s We would add more stars if there was an option for over the top service!! 🙂  
– The Sandovals
Our engagement and wedding photos as well as our wedding trailer and video turned out great and were completed in a timely manner. We are also both really shy around cameras but they made us feel really comfortable which was a plus. Book them while you can!
-Mike & Dielle
“What’s great about shooting with Drea is that she instantly makes you feel just so relaxed and comfortable.  It’s always a little awkward at first when those first few photographs are taken, but any inner tension quickly melts away.  Drea has a professional but fun attitude and environment, and it makes the process really fun and easy for the person being photographed.  She provides gentle direction when necessary to make sure you look your absolute best, and isn’t afraid to try several different options to ensure you don’t just get one, but several, great, useable shots.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get professional shots done by a truly talented photographer; she is absolutely fantastic and a joy to work with.”
-Kimberly Irving
“As an actor, having a stand out headshot is a must! Working with Drea was awesome! She really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera to get your headshots looking the best that they can be.”
-Carrlyn Bathe
 I have now used Get Drea Photography (Drea Castro) twice to get my acting head shots done and I have to say they are the best acting photos I have ever had! All of the auditions that followed spoke for themselves! Drea has a warm openness that made me feel at ease and immediately comfortable which is so important for acting shots. Drea brought out the best in me, gave me lots of looks to work with and really captured my true nature. 
Consistency is also so important in business and Drea delivered on both shoots. I’ll be going back again and highly recommend!
-Jennifer Corren
On my daughters special day they made the whole process go very smoothly. they’re very professionsal in every way. You will not only love thier pictures but love them both, I have never worked with a team that was so in tuned on every detail. You go about your day and forget they are there but when you get your picture you’ll be amazed at their detail and unique style. Don’t miss your chance to work with this great team. I would use them again in a heart beat.
-Javier Valenzuela
Drea is not your average type of photographer. Very versatile, experienced and talented. She has a good eye for bringing out the best of you when it comes to pictures. I was very impressed how in-tune she was with lighting, location, and guidance on how to compose yourself in front of the camera.
Just like other reviewers said – she has this ability to instantly put you at ease and make you comfortable when working with her. Very creative, with amazing results, the type of photographer you want to go back to, as well as take your time to review her.
I recommend!
– Dmitri Preston – Acting Teacher
Great photography team with amazing personalities! We stayed the entire evening for this event because of the complex outdoor lighting set-up and were really impressed by how hard the team worked. They really were NON-STOP throughout the evening. And, the images we saw of the event after were truly beautiful. It was great working with them and we hope to work with them again soon.
-Les Arts Lighting

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