Sunset Photography with Bibi Amos








Sunset Photography with Bibi Amos




Sunset Photography with Bibi Amos

Sunset Photography with Bibi Amos


I had the pleasure of shooting with actress, Bibi Amos originally from the Congo.  I had this shoot in my mind for quite sometime and I had a vision that I really wanted to try out and create.  I think that I was able to achieve what I was trying to go for.  Shooting for sunset is so stunning.  Everything is warm and peaceful.  The sky turns into a painting.

Here’s the steps I took to make this happen:

STEP ONE: Find a Model

I love Bibi Amos.  We worked on a film a couple years ago.  She was producing and acting in a film and I was one of her actors in it.  She is a beautiful spirit both inside and out.  One of the most stunning women I have ever met.  I needed a model who could convey the strength of the character I wanted to portray here.  These photographs of Bibi is an essence of who she is.  She is originally from the Congo, but also a very powerful spirit.  BAM!  So Step One was easy and complete!

STEP TWO:  Wardrobe

Bibi, who is originally from the Congo in Africa had a beautiful array of traditional clothing.  This one was perfect.  I loved the way the colors popped on her skin.  The yellow, red and white colors was an assistant contrast to her skin.  She also had a stunning necklace which also come from the Congo.  Wardrobe. Check!

STEP THREE:  Find a Location

This is one of my favorite hiking trails in LA.  I live in the Burbank area because I am an avid hiker.  I knew that this hiking trail had a beautiful view that looked non-descript.  I wanted to find a location that resembles peace. – Wildwood Canyon.  Poor Bibi had to hike in her outfit though and my assistant and I had to walk up with some equipment.  I think it was worth it.

STEP FOUR:  Find an amazing assistant

Before I was going to hike to this location, I would need at least one assistant.  I cannot say enough.  You cannot do these kind of shoots alone.  You can attempt to, but if you want to take it to the next level, you need a good teammate.  So thank you to Miss Noelle Meaway who aided me in the hike to the trail

STEP FIVE:  Find the perfect time

Sunset Photography means finding that perfect light at the right time.  This beautiful light is produced during what they call in the film world “Golden Hour” which happens at either sunset or sunrise.  I chose to shoot this at sunset.  Before I even shot Bibi, I would hike this trail for sunset often, so I knew exactly where the light would hit.  Sometimes you can find that light perfectly and just shoot, but it’s nice to just be familiar with the light that you will be working with.  Research is important when trying to fulfill a perfect vision in a portraiture.  Although, there are times, when happy photo accidents happen.  In this case, this magic was planned.

STEP SIX:  Get your gear and hike up that mountain.

Once you got all of the above, you get your model, the outfit, the camera, lenses, strobe light, back up and trudge up that hill.  So we did… with some napkins for Bibi’s “she’s a trooper” sweat.  We finally got to our location – I set up the light at first to the left of her.  I wanted the natural sunset glare to come from her left shoulder to create an almost ethereal feel to the photo.  As the sun descended and it got darker, I moved the light to the right and created more of a dramatic light to her face.

Good times!  Thanks for checking this out guys!  Sunset Photography all the way! 🙂


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